Can I add 495 more Hockey Cards to My Collection?

I am back trying to get the last of my personal hockey card collection inventoried in my My Collection.

I am down to my last three boxes… for now. I still have a shoe box full of hockey cards from the 1980’s that aren’t in the greatest condition as well as a few unopened boxes. I will get to both at some point, but for now, I really want to get the last of my cards inventoried so I can start to work on finishing off some sets, selling and/or trading some cards and hopefully getting a grip on my massive hockey card collection

With these three boxes to go, I am hoping to make it to having over 25,000 sports cards in my collection! I am currently sitting at 24,505. Three boxes should more than do it but they aren’t full. In fact, one box is full of cards in holders turned sideways.

Once I am done entering the last of my collection into the checklist database, I will work on finishing off the many unfinished checklists on the website. Wish me luck!

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