Martin Brodeur Rookie Card Lots

One of my favourite players of all time is Martin Brodeur. I have recently bought up what was left on the shelf of 1990 Score Hockey at Wally’s in hopes of pulling a Martin Brodeur RC (among other RCs of that set – no luck, best was a Mats Sundin RC). I have been keeping an eye out lately for lots of Martin Brodeur RCs on eBay and recently won this 4 card lot:

Martin Brodeur 10 Score Rookie Card Lot

That works out to $2.50 per Brodeur RC. How much do you bet I kicked myself in the butt for missing out on bidding on this 10 hockey card lot of Martin Brodeur RCs which would have worked out to 10 cents more then what I paid:

Martin Brodeur Rookie Card Win

I suppose it serves me right for not being one to bid right away. I tend to watch auctions and bid closer to the end of them because I hate waiting for auctions to close to see if I won.

What is the greatest lot of cards you’ve picked up lately? Do you also use eBay for purchasing cards cheaply? Or avoid eBay all together?

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