BGS 9.5 Roberto Luongo Zenith RC sells for $100.99USD on eBay

You know you watch too many eBay auctions when it tells you, you can’t watch any more! Apparently you can only watch up to 100 auctions at any time and I don’t know about you, but I could probably watch that many some days.

Today I was wishing I had deeper pockets – or at least a guilt-free conscience about purchasing hockey cards that cost more then a few dollars let alone over a hundred dollars even with our Canadian dollar so good these days. I still complain that I can’t get my 25cent bubble gum packs anymore but anyways….


When I first came across the auction, it was only at $67.67USD and I thought to myself, “What a steal it would be to get a Zenith Roberto Luongo BGS 9.5 graded RC for around $75USD!” So of course I watched it and contemplated bidding until I saw it creep up over $100 when I sighed and just decided it wasn’t meant to be.

I was personally waiting to see it go for a lot more then it did at $100.99USD. What do you think about the price that this went for? Worth a lot more? or a lot less? Post your thoughts below in the form of a comment.

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