3 BGS 9.5 Graded Steve Yzerman OPC RC Recently Sold on eBay

Steve Yzerman is from Cranbrook, BC and was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in the 1st round, 4th overall. Yzerman retired on July 3, 2006 and is currently the Vice President of the Detroit Red Wings.

Three 1984-1985 Steve Yzerman OPC #67 RC BGS 9.5 have recently sold on eBay.

The first one sold for $837.63USD on August 8, the second for $760.99USD on August 14, the third for $705.67USD on August 24:

$837.63USD on August 8 (auction no longer listed on eBay)

$760.99USD on August 14 (auction no longer listed on eBay)

$705.67USD on August 24 (auction no longer listed on eBay)

Steve Yzermans 1984-1985 OPC #67 RC is currently listed as $100USD.

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