2008-09 NHL Upper Deck MVP Hobby Box Break

I picked up this box of 2008/09 NHL Upper Deck MVP Hobby Box from one of the local Sports Card Shops in Kelowna.

Stated Hits per Box:

Rookie Cards in every two packs (on average)

2on2 Jersey Cards average one per box

What I Pulled:

MVP First Line Phenoms:

Andrei Kostitsyn

Paul Stastny

BB3 - First Line Phenoms

Mike Richards

Sidney Crosby

Ryan Getzlaf

BB3 - First Line Phenoms 2

MVP Alexander the G8:

AO3 (x2), AO6, AO7

BB3 - Alex the G8

MVP Marked by Valor:

Jean-Sebastian Giguere

Brad Richards

Sidney Crosby

BB3 - Marked by Valour

MVP Magnificent 7’s:

Cam Ward

BB3 - Magnificent 7s

MVP 2on2 Jersey:

Henrik Zetterberg – red

Tomas Holmstrom – white

Mats Sundin – white

Alexander Steen – blue/white

MVP Rookie Cards:

John Mitchell

Jonas Frogan

Cody McLeod

Brian Boyle

Brandan Nolan

Danny Taylor

Garrett Stafford

Ryan Stone

Jonathan Ericsson

BB3 - Rookies 2

Sami Lepisto (Cramped crease)

Tom Sestito

BB3 - Rookies 1

MVP Gold Scripts:

Sam Gagner – 048/100

Quality Control:

Unfortunately, almost every card had a creased corner. Interestingly enough, it was primarily the upper right corner for cards 1-100 with the cards numbered 100-300 primarily in the bottom left corner. Putting those as a whole aside, there were these other manufacturing defects noted from this hobby box of 2008/09 NHL Upper Deck MVP:

  • 13 bent corners
  • 3 with dents
  • 2 with crease lines
  • 75% or more of this box was damaged with 9% notably damaged
  • 1 pack wrapper crinkled edge

BB3 - Damage 1

The stated odds of Rookie Cards per box was 12 on average, I only pulled 11 with no Rookie Redemption. I did however receive the average of one 2on2 Jersey Card.

Duplicates base: 31

Duplicate inserts: 1

Duplicates Total: 32 of 192 or 16.7%

Set Completion: 150 of 380 or 39.5%

Box Hits: 12 of 13 or 92.3%

Final Grade: 60.0% for a letter grade of D

Based on the damaged cards, one less Rookie Card then the stated odds and amount of duplicate cards, this particular box of 2008/09 NHL Upper Deck MVP Hobby didn’t get a passing grade.

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