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    Showcase your own hockey card collection with a FREE blog on our website!  Highlight your pack breaks, box breaks, mail breaks or share your personal collections with others!  To get started, register for a FREE account, write 10 posts here, in our forums (so we can ensure you are not a spammer) and click Create a Blog for your Free Hockey Card Collecting blog!


    Discuss your Tips, Tricks and tools for collecting, storing, shipping, ordering, or any other Tips or Tricks you have that you'd like to share and/or discuss about collecting hockey cards.

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    Discuss anything you'd like regarding hockey. This can range from the minor leagues right up to the NHL.


    Discuss anything sports related. This board is meant for discussion that doesn't fit into any of the other sports card discussion.


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    New Members:

    Please Read! and introduce yourselves here.

    Suggestions and Feedback on what you'd like to see or how you feel we can make better!