08 Nov 2015

Edmonton Oilers Connor McDavid Young Guns Rookie Card Released

Submitted by jake

On November 5th, 2015, Upper Deck released their 2015-2016 Upper Deck Series 1 to eager hockey card collectors who are trying to snatch up this years Young Gun rookie cards including the much anticipated, Connor McDavid Young Guns Rookie Card.

The odds of getting a McDavid card are rare.  There can be two in a case of 2,300 cards for this year's 2015/2016 series from Upper Deck cards.

12 May 2015

Can I add 495 more Hockey Cards to My Collection?

Submitted by jake

I am back trying to get the last of my personal hockey card collection inventoried in my My Collection.

I am down to my last three boxes... for now. I still have a shoe box full of hockey cards from the 1980's that aren't in the greatest condition as well as a few unopened boxes. I will get to both at some point, but for now, I really want to get the last of my cards inventoried so I can start to work on finishing off some sets, selling and/or trading some cards and hopefully getting a grip on my massive hockey card collection